7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism Practice

respond to that by saying it is difficult to relax

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Unformatted text preview: chairs and he said everyone put your hands together, press them tightly together, and now they are stuck. Try to pull your hands apart,' and I was the only one who did. So he dismissed me." Respond to that by saying, "It is difficult to relax enough to concentrate on those ideas in front of a group of people, especially if you are a little anxious that you might be asked to do something silly." Suppose they say, "Oh, yes, I went up on the stage in a night club and the last thing I remember is being told to try to pull my hands apart and the next thing I knew it was an hour later. When I went back to my seat, they told me I sang, and danced and did funny things while on the stage." You now have additional information. You know they went into a deep trance easily. If they say it was for therapeutic purposes, again you ask, "Who was it?" and have them tell you all the details. "Well, I went to the therapist and I felt like I was floating on a cloud." Store that because when you hypnotize them, you will want to use it as feedback, "Now you are getting that feeling of floating on a cloud." Take everything they say of a positive nature, about their previous hypnotic experience and feed it back to them. Why ask yourself, "What kind of deepening techniques shall I use?" when they have already told you. If they say to you, that they don't remember very much of what went on in the therapist's office, again you have similar input of information. The key question at this point is, "Was this beneficial to you. Did you get the results that you hoped for? - tell me about it." When they report positive results they have told you, "I had a belief in hypnosis and I tried it and it worked for me. Therefore, here in this moment with you Mr. Hypnotist, I have a tremendously high mental expectancy. My imagination is already excited. Don't expend a lot of time on me doing all of those preparatory things, I've already told you my story. I went to a hypnotist and got good results.&q...
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