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7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism Practice

they will tell you whether it was someone who

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Unformatted text preview: uot; nothing to do with her values, which includes her character attitudes, her religious beliefs and her moral principles." Take one more step and say, "That is wonderful. Now, tell me, do you remember how you were hypnotized, what method was used, what can you tell me?" They will tell you whether it was someone who believes in swinging a watch or using flashing lights or just what the experience was, or you might ask Now you have communicated and you are into the process of re-education. "Have you ever been hypnotized?" They reply, "No, I have never made an effort to be hypnotized." "Have you ever seen anyone hypnotized?" "Oh, yes. My friend was hypnotized on the stage, and - . Now you have some input. "What did you think of all that?" "I just could never understand how she could get up there and sing a song. I know her and she is quite shy. I could not figure out if she was faking it or what." This is an opportunity for re-education. You say, "The reason she was able to sing on stage, is that the critical factor of her conscious mind was temporarily closed down because she was in trance. The part of her mind that says, "you are making a fool of yourself, everyone is looking at you and you should feel embarrassed," was silent. Because she did not hear that voice within, she was able to do something that is quite within the natural capacity of any human being, to sing a song or do a dance. It had They often reply, "Oh, I never thought of it that way. I just thought they would tell me that I would not normally do anything under hypnosis that I would not normally do and I would never normally get up in front of a crowd and sing a song." When you ask, "Are you ready for me to hypnotize you?" you can get a great deal of information from their answer. "Well, if you think you can?" or maybe, "O.K, good luck." or "Yes, I hope so." and sometimes they may say to you, "No - I'm not ready!" "A...
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