7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism Practice

you should know were you hypnotized or not well i

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Unformatted text preview: the community.) "Tell me exactly what happened." "He talked to me for a while, then he said to sit in the reclining chair and close my eyes while he repeated, 'You are getting drowsy and sleepy and you are going deeper and deeper into hypnosis.' He did that for quite a while, but I never went to sleep and I heard every word." "Then what happened?" "Well when I arrived home my husband asked me, 'How did the hypnotism session go,' and I said, 'Well I am not sure."' "What do you mean, you are not sure? Did you get hypnotized?" "I don't think so!" "You should know - were you hypnotized or not?" "Well, I don't think I was but the hypnotist said I was." "I don't care what the hypnotist said, you should know. Did he lock your eyelids closed?" "Nope!" "Well then, you weren't hypnotized. How much did that cost you?" "Fifty dollars." "You didn't make another appointment, did you?" "No!" One of the measurements of your effectiveness is how many clients return after the first session. The first session is the one where they should be convinced and the rapport developed, so that the therapy is ready to begin. It is costs you a certain amount of time, energy and money, to bring that client into your office. If you only get paid for a single session, I doubt if you can recover the amount that it cost you to get the client into the office. Open the yellow pages for any large city and start calling the hypnotists' listings. From thirty to fifty percent of those listed are out of business. This happens because they place their ad five or six months before the directory comes out, and less than a year from ordering the ad they are no longer in business. Clients fail to return because they were left with the feeling that they were not hypnotized. I met with a group of hypnotists at the Hilton Hotel in Baltimore and one of them said to me, "I really confuse them, when they walk out of my place they do not...
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