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7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism Practice

How many weeks did you have 24 appointments booked on

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Unformatted text preview: way you opened your eyes just now and the way you opened your eyes a moment ago, was the degree of hypnotic suggestion that you had accepted at that moment. Do you understand that clearly?" Students, it is always the subject who is confused or misinformed - it is impossible for you to fail because you have a great body of knowledge and skills, which you apply creatively. When the subjects response is not as I would like it to be it is their failure to respond appropriately. If their arm did not lift or their eyes did not lock and their left arm did not get heavy. I just say: "I think we need to talk a moment about your unwillingness to respond. Just close your eyes and think about it now and see if you can come up with a few reasons why you are exhibiting this unwillingness." I never use the word resistance, that is a very poor word. if I tell them that they are capable of generating resistance, it is liable to generate more resistance so I tell them it is their unwillingness to respond. #7 GETTING PAID FOR YOUR SERVICES Collecting your fees can be a great problem because there are several models for payment. If you are in an institutional setting or clinic, billing is based on the old models of the physician and psychologist, and the client is billed monthly. No matter how few statements you have to send out it costs time and money. If you want to send out forty or fifty statements, you must invest in the forms, the ledger cards and the clerical labor to address them. All of these services add to your costs. My question is, do you have clients who don't keep an appointment? How many weeks did you have 24 appointments booked on Monday morning and you said, "I am going to have some income this week," but at the end of the week twelve of the twenty four had not shown up. I have been in the work for thirty years, and completed 40,000 hours of clinical hypnotherapy. I was always resentful when I looked at the end of the week and I had "no shows" before I adopted the principle I am about to explain to you. Printed on your appointment card is the statement "Advance notice of a cancellation must be given at least 48 hours in advance or a charge will be made." An hour before, or 10 minutes after the appointment time, the client calls and says, "I'm sorry I can't make it." About seventy per cent of them say, "My car is broken down," or "There has been an accident on the freeway." The other thirty per cent say, "My child is sick and I have to take her to the doctor." Or "My husband took the car and he was supposed to be back but he is not back yet." Rarely do they tell you the real reason, such as, "I had an unexpected expense last week, I had to buy Jimmy football shoes, and they are $68.00, so I thought and thought how could I cut back on expenditures this week and save $50.00." They say. "My car is broken down". The first reality of this practice is, of those who do...
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