7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism Practice

Soon they will give up if everything is always just

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Unformatted text preview: uot; If you are not getting good results with these tests, you should examine the phrasing or methodology that you are using. Perhaps you can talk to some other hypnotherapists who are getting better results. Check your technique against theirs. The wording is so important that in my courses I place great emphasis on it. Every technique is given in full printed form, not just, "This is what you say," but instructions to the hypnotist about what they do and say, a discussion about it and then actual practice of it in workshops, using the scripts. I have spent 35 years testing and perfecting the effectiveness of these scripts. I know that they work and they work every time. I want you to build a series of successful experiences while you are here because that is what you came to me for. To learn how to be an effective hypnotist and you can be most effective when you are generating a good income. Let's suppose you say, "Your eyelids are locked so tightly that the more you try to open them, the more tightly they are locking closed - now try to open them and find them locking tighter and tighter" and they open their eyes and smile at you! Show no concern and say, "That's fine, close them down." No matter what a subject does, except to become violent, you always say, "That's fine." If they have a need to disappoint you, or work against you but you continually say "that's fine" to all of their responses, they soon learn that they cannot disappoint you by not doing what you suggest. Soon, they will give up; if everything is always "just fine," they will stop resisting. When the session is over, they may say, "Well I did open my eyes." Your reply is, "That's right, please close your eyes, and open them again," and they will open them. Ask, "Is that the way you opened them a moment ago?" "No, but I opened them." "Yes, but it took you several seconds. The difference between the...
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