7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism Practice

When i turn the balance control knob the other way

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Unformatted text preview: inhibitions about responding to irrational ideas; such as your right arm is lighter than your left; or your left arm is heavier than your right; or that your eyelids are stuck. Your mind is not asking a question, or making a statement such as, 'That's silly, my right arm feels the same as my left arm because that is the way it should be. I could open my eyelids any Lime I choose.' Because of this single change you are able to accept ideas that are different from your previous experience. "You might consider your mind to be like a stereo system with speakers on either side. When I turn the balance control knob all the way to the left, the music will pour out of the left speaker and the right speaker will become silent. The speaker has not disappeared nor has the circuitry to the speaker disappeared, it is just temporarily passive or inactive. When I turn the balance control knob the other way, the left speaker becomes passive and quiet, and the right speaker is activated once again. "In the same way, one circuit, or one part of your mind, 'the critical factor,' is now temporarily relaxed, and this is the major change that occurs in the hypnotic state. This is what enables you to accept good, positive, beneficial and creative ideas that help you to do the very things that you have set out to do. in a moment, I am going to bring you up from this trance and when I do, you are going to have a much clearer understanding of your trance state when you open your eyes." relaxation, or a sleep of your nervous system." You have two more things to do. The first one is to say; "Before I bring you up from hypnosis, is there anything further you want to say to me, ask me or tell me." Give them the option to give you information. They might give any number of a variety of responses. Most times they will say "No." The second thing, done at the end of each session of therapy, is to say, "Quickly now, who do I remind you of" You will get some very quick information about the proje...
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