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7 Success Secrets of Hypnotism Practice

You are completely powerless to bend or lower it in

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Unformatted text preview: e subjunctive mood to state a condition contrary to fact which says, "your arm feels as if it is too heavy to lift." Use this wording: "Your eyes have locked so tightly closed, the more you try to open them, the tighter they are locking closed and at the same time, you arm feels as though it is made of marble, lead or stone, it feels as if it is far too heavy to lift." This "rule of reversed mental effort" will generate a successful result in virtually every case. By contrast, in his book New Master Course in Hypnosis, (The New Master Course in Hypnosis, Harry Arons, Power Publishers, 1961), Harry Arons gives the wording for the arm catalepsy as follows: Your arm is outstretched before you, stiff and rigid like a bar of steel. You are completely powerless to bend or lower it. In fact the harder you try the more impossible it is, because you are in hypnosis, you see, and implicitly obedient to my every command. You simply cannot lower your arm until I SAY that you can! "What you are doing here is impressing forcibly upon the subject's consciousness that he is indeed under you "hypnotic control" -else why can he not do something so simple as lowering his arm? A suggestion may be made that a few minutes after awakening he would become aware of a terrible itching sensation in his back just between the shoulder blades, where it would be difficult to scratch. "You will be very annoyed with this itching," you continue, "and will go into all sorts of contortions to scratch this spot, even rubbing your back against the wall and against articles of furniture. But nothing will help. Finally, you will appeal for my help in the matter, because ONLY I will be able to relieve this itching. I will simply snap my fingers twice and the itching will disappear instantly. This will convince you beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are indeed under hypnosis. This wording is guaranteed to produce a high percentage of failures because: A. it openly challenges the subjects autonomy, B. i...
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