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Anthropology letter - Dear Dr Schwetz Throughout history...

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Dear Dr. Schwetz, Throughout history, anthropologists have had the privilege of exploring other cultures and have lived among people different from themselves. A countless amount of information has been gathered due to these people’s research. That information has benefited much of humanity. Those being studied, however, often are left no better than before the researcher arrived. There are ways to fix this problem and help the subjects to benefit from their input to the research. A key point to the solution is to require anthropologists studying in the field to submit a public record of their research which involves what they studied, who they conferred with, the benefits the researcher gained, along with the benefits that the subjects gained as well. This report should simply clarify the outcome of the research and hopefully prevent any future discrepancies. Since the information anthropologists gain is so incredibly valuable, is it fair to take it without giving something back in return? Anthropologists need to give something
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