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basic format specicaons used in the format string for

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Unformatted text preview: ? prinA("Item\tUnit\tPurchase\n\tPrice\tDate\n"); 4 What does it do?   What does this print? prinA("\"Hello!\""); 5 Conversion Specifica=on   Placeholder represen=ng a value filled in during prin=ng   Specifies how a value is converted from its internal (binary) form into characters (printed form) 6 prinA() func=on (cont.)   Basic format specifica=ons used in the format string for outpu8ng values with prinA ( ) :   %d decimal integer   %f floa=ng point decimal fixed format   %e exponen=al floa=ng point decimal   %c character   %s C string (character array, null terminated) 7 prinA ( ) func=on (cont.)     Ordinary characters are printed as they appear in the format string Conversion specifica=ons are matched one ­by ­one with the remaining arguments : int i = 10, j = 20; double x = 43.2892, y = 5527.0; prinA("i = %d, j = %d, x = %f, y = %f\n", i, j, x, y);   2. What is the output from this prinA statement? 8 prinA ( ) func=on (cont.)     Warning: C compilers don t check to see if the number of conversion specifica=ons in a format string matches the number of output items. Assume int i,j and double x 3. prinA("%d %d\n", i); /* too few values  ­ what happens? */ 4. prinA("%d\n", i, j); /* too many values, what happens?*/   Furthermore, there s no check that a conversion specifica=on is appropriate for the type of value being printed: 5. prinA("%f %d\n", i, x); /* what happens ? */ 9 printf() Conversion Specifications   A …printf conversion specification consists of the % character, followed by as many as five distinct items:   A conversion specification has the form %fm.pX   f(optional) indicat...
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