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Space nonnegative numbers produced by signed

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Unformatted text preview: es left justification         default is right justification there are other flags possible here as well m (optional) specifies the minimum field width. .p (optional) specifies:         Number of digits after the decimal point (for a floating point number) or Minimum number of digits to print (for an integer) X is the basic data format used (e.g. d,e,f) For a more complete description of conversion specifications see Chapter 22.3 10 Why use printf and scanf? 11 …printf Conversion Specifications   Flags (optional; more than one permitted): Flag + Meaning Left-justify within field. Numbers produced by signed conversions always begin with + or -. Space Nonnegative numbers produced by signed conversion are preceded by a space. # Octal numbers begin with 0, nonzero hexadecimal numbers with 0x or 0X. Floating-point numbers always have a decimal point. Trailing zeros aren t removed from numbers printed with the g or G conversion codes. 0 Numbers are padded with leading zeros up to the field width 12 What do they print?   prinA( %d , 4);   4   prinA( %2d , 4);   4 (one space first before 4)   prinA( % ­2d , 4);   4  (one space last)   prinA( %2.2f , 4.4);   4.40 (no spaces)   prinA( %4.2f , 4.4)   4.40 (no spaces)   prinA( %5.2f , 4.4);   4.40 (one space first)   prinA( %.0f , 4.4);   4 13 Example #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { /* example of forma&ed output */ int i; double f; i = 40; f = 839.21; Escape Sequence \a Alert (bell) \b Backspace \n New Line \t Horizontal Tab \” “ \\ \ prin%("|%d|%5d|% ­5d|%5.3d|\n", i, i, i, i); prinA("|%10.3f|%10.3e|% ­10g|\n", f, f, f); return 0; } 6. Output of 1st prin% appears as ??? (mark a * to indicate a space): NOTE: the “e+02” count as 4 characters. 14 The scanf Function “the pattern matching function...
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