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Test 2 old - displayed on MHC class I molecules a...

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1. Which of the following statements is correct about primary and secondary antibodies? a. The response following a secondary antigenic challenge consists predominantly of IgE antibodies b. In the primary response, the appearance of IgG antibodies precedes the appearance of IgM antibodies c. Compared to the secondary response, the primary response is faster and attains a higher antibody titer d. The secondary response consists of higher affinity antibodies 2. Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II molecules destroy antigen mediated attachment between macrophages and which of the following cells? a. Cytotoxin T cells b. T helper cells c. B-cells d. Suppressor T cells 3. Which class of antibodies is excreted from the body? a. IgE b. IgG c. IgD d. IgM e. IgA 4. Binding of antibodies to antigen results in the following except: a. Opsonization b. Agglutination c. Precipitation d. Activation of complement 5. Self-protein are degraded by which of the following structure prior to being
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Unformatted text preview: displayed on MHC class I molecules? a. Mitochondria b. Polyphagosome c. Golgi apparatus d. Proteosomes e. Lysosome 6. Antigen processed via the ________ is displayed by the MHC class II molecule. a. Proteosomes b. Perforin c. Phagolysosome d. CD4+ cells e. Proton pump 7. Apoptosis is a cruel death for immature T-lymphocyte that: a. Get trapped in the spleen b. Fail to produce sufficient IgE c. React with specific peptides present in MHC class I molecules d. Turn into plasma cells e. Are lysed by the perforins of cytotoxin B-lymph 8. What triggers cytotoxic T-lymphocytes to generate perforins that destroys virus containing host cells? a. Recognition of viral peptides in MHC class I molecules b. Recognition of phagolysomal breakdown products c. Recognition of self peptides presented on the cell membrane d. IgM opsonization of virus particles e. Virus particles budding from cell membrane...
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Test 2 old - displayed on MHC class I molecules a...

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