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Siminka's Notes 7 - Alveoli a small cell, cavity, or...

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Alveoli – a small cell, cavity, or socket. Pulmonary alveoli – a thin-walled saclike terminal dilation of the respiratory bronchioles, alveolar ducts, and alveolar sacs across which gas exchange occurs between alveolar air and the pulmonary capillaries. Type I Pneumocytes (alveolar cell) – any of the cell’s lining the alveoli of the lung, including the squamous alveolar cell’s, the great alveolar cell’s, and the alveolar macrophages. Account for 90 percent of the alveolar surface, are very thin cells designed to allow the passage of air from the alveoli into the blood. Type II Pneumoncytes – are cuboidal cells, specialize in the production of pulmonary surfactant. ****Produces surfactant so that it is not sticky. Pulmonary surfactant – those surface-active agents forming a monomolecular layer over pulmonary alveolar surfaces; lipoproteins that include lecithins and sphygomyelins that stabilize alveolar volume by reducing surface tension and altering the relationship between surface tension and surface area. (reduces the surface tension of pulmonary fluids and thus contributes to the elastic properties of pulmonary tissue.) [A mixture of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. It coats the alveoli with a very thin film which, because of its surface tension, keeps the alveoli open and prevents them from collapsing.] Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium – Respiratory epithelium contains these cells. They are only a single layer of cells. Bronchi- one of two subdivisions of the trachea serving to convey air to and from the lungs. The trachea divides into the right and left main bronchii, which in turn form lobar, segmental, and intrasegmental bronchi. Bronchioles – Finer subdivisions of the bronchi, all less than 1mm in diameter, and having no cartilage in its wall, but relatively abundant smooth muscle and elastic fibers. Bronchopneumonia – acute inflammation of the walls of the smaller bronchial tubes, with
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Siminka's Notes 7 - Alveoli a small cell, cavity, or...

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