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Homework 5 Chapter 10 (page 248) Problems 31,32,36 The following problems a. What is the minimum pH required for the complete solubility of the drug in a stock solution containing 6 gm of phenobarbital sodium in 100 ml of water. The pKa of Phenobarbital is 7.41. b. The molar solubility of sulfathiozole in water is 0.002, the pKa is 7.12 and the molecular weight of sodium sulfathiozole is 304. What is the lowest pH allowable for complete solubility of in 5% solution of sodium sulfathiozole? c. Calculate pHp for a 0.5% solution of cocaine hydrochloride.
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Unformatted text preview: The molecular weight of the salt is 339.8, and the molecular solubility of the base is 5.6X10-3 . The pKb of cocaine is 5.59 d. The following data were obtained for the hydrolysis of homatropine in 0.226 in 0.226 M HCl at 90 C. Percentage homatropine remaining 93.4 85.2 75.9 63.1 52.5 41.8 Time (hr) 1.38 3.0 6.0 8.6 12 17 Show that the hydrolysis follows first-order kinetics and calculate (a) the rate constant, (b) the half-life. Problems chapter 12: # 1, 2, 6(a), 9, 10,11...
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