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University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy PHRM 208 Pharmacy Law and Ethics Spring 2005 Ethics Exam I 1. (70 points) Consider the following case: Imagine you are working at a local community pharmacy. One day a regular patient of the pharmacy asks to speak with you privately. He tells you he is quite excited about some “natural herbal products” he has just received in the mail. He saw them advertised on television and was amazed at what they are capable of doing and with no side effects like he experiences with his current medications! He explains that taking these products will allow him to eliminate all of the prescription medications he is taking for his high blood pressure.
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Unformatted text preview: He is telling you this only because he trusts you and asks that you not say anything to either his wife (also a regular customer) or his physician, a highly respected local practitioner. What ought you to do? Why? Using act utilitarianism, Kantian ethical theory, or rule utilitarianism, determine the ethical course of action that should be followed by the pharmacist in this case. Note : If you choose to use Kantian ethical theory and the maxim (or rule) tested is found to be unethical, you need not test a second maxim. 2. (30 Points) Briefly compare covenantal fidelity and contractual fidelity....
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