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Lab 7 questions - chart for product characteristics The scored tablet passed the first step in the decision chart because it was scored The

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Graham Barnett David Malitsky Lab 7 Questions 1) Cost-containment is an acceptable reason for splitting tablets when the patient’s insurance is unwilling to pay for a different dose or when a specific dose is not available and the tablet can be split to obtain the desired dose. Also, it would be acceptable to split a tablet if the patient is unable to afford a larger number of tablets in a smaller dose, ensuring that the patient is still taking the medication instead of not because of a price issue. 2) A scored tablet can be split to meet USP weight variation requirement because it can be split more accurately. Tablet splitters produce more accurate and consistent splitting of tablets than splitting the tablet with a spatula. 3)a) The scored tablet of prednisone 10mg is appropriate for splitting due to the decision
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Unformatted text preview: chart for product characteristics. The scored tablet passed the first step in the decision chart because it was scored. The unscored and coated tablets both failed the decision chart because both of them crumbed due to splitting. 3)b) According to our data the scored tables are more appropriate for splitting. 4) We would offer to personally split the tablets for the patient who is physically unable to do so. We would also try to instruct the patient’s relatives and caregivers on how to split the tablets. Another alternative is to recommend a different dose when appropriate to do so, or another brand. A further alternative would to be get the doctor to prescribe a different drug in the same class that comes in a smaller dose, if agreeable with the patient....
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