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Graham Barnett Thursday Sept. 14 2006 Carly Kruchten-Sheridan Group #5 Poev Touch Lab Session 2 - Movement Disorders 1. What are the cardinal symptoms of Parkinson’s disease? How is Parkinsonian tremor different from essential tremor (describe both tremors)? The cardinal symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are: -tremor (unilateral which later turns into bilateral) -bradykinesia (slowed movements) -akinesia (rigidity, loss of voluntary movements) -impairment of postural reflexes and postural instability. Parkinsonian tremors are usually unilateral (one sided) that becomes bilateral (both sided) when the patient is at rest. These are slow tremors that are associated with the decrease of dopaminergic neurons in Substantia Nigra. Essential tremors differ from Parkinsonian tremors whereas they are usually bilateral and faster than tremors seen with Parkinson’s disease. Essential tremors are also present with certain postures or movements. The finger to nose test (FTN) is seen w/o dysenergia (jerky movement). This tremor can either be familial or due to certain drug exposure such as caffeine or amphetamines. 2. What is the mainstay therapy for Parkinson’s disease? Describe at least 2 major side effects. The mainstay therapy for Parkinson’s disease is to give levodopa often combined with carbadopa. Levodopa is transformed into dopamine once it crosses the blood-brain- barrier and can have it affect by stimulating dopaminergic neurons. One problem with
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course PHRM 223 taught by Professor Gerald during the Fall '05 term at UConn.

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Lab Report 2_final version - Graham Barnett Carly...

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