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Midterm song chart

Midterm song chart - Images of nature Fair Phyllis Farmer...

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Title Composer Genre Sacred/Secular What to listen for Extra Alleluia Hildegard von Bingen Medieval Chant Sacred “Alleluia” She’s a female Gaude Maria virgo Notre Dame School Medieval organum (early polyphony) Sacred Many voices. “Aaaahhhaaahhhaa!” (sounds like with organs) A capella. Voices fluctuate Kalenda maya Raimbaut Medieval chanson Secular “Da daya da daya da daya? (funny drum) *Estampie (troubadour dance song Ave Maria Josquin Renaissance motet Sacred “Ave Mariiiiaaaaaa, aaaaavvveeeee!” (in high voices) A cappella, last section homorhythmic Pope Marcellus Mass Palestrina Organum? Sacred Multiple church voices, “oooo” different language- Italian? “man who saved polyphony” Puis qu’en oubli Machaut Chanson Secular “Suiiiiii “ Fluctuating voices Low voices (cool song) About unrequited love Ecco mormorar Monteverdi Italian madrigal Secular Smooth (sounds lovey dovey). Italian. (high voices with low voice Italian man in background)
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Unformatted text preview: Images of nature Fair Phyllis Farmer English madrigal Secular “Up and Down!! And then they fell a kissing! “(provocative) Playful L’Orfeo Monteverdi Opera Secular One of earliest full-length operas Dido’s Lament Purcell Opera Secular Sad lady singing opera Sad Cantata 80: A mighty fortress is our god Bach Church cantata Sacred Very upbeat. “Ahhh laaahahaha! Hahahahah!!!!” High voices Messiah: “Rejoice Greatly” and “Hallelujah ” Handel Oratorio Sacred Rejoice- lady singing solo and high, pretty Hallelujah-Famous “Hallelujah!” Also says rejoice towards middle Spring Vivaldi Instrumental? Secular Instrumental, mostly violins (famous) Water Music: Alla hornpipe Handel Dance Suite/ (this one excerpt out of the whole movement is Secular Instrumental, strings at first (15 seconds in you can hear trumpets and some timpanis)...
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