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Answer(s): (Your response(s) are shown.) 6-2 A particle of mass M explodes into two parts, one of which has mass m 1 and the other has mass m 2 . Which of the following is a true statement? M equals the product m 1 x m 2 M is greater than m 1 + m 2 M = m 1 + m 2 M is less than m 1 + m 2 None of the Above Answer(s): (Your response(s) are shown.) 6-4 P = mv cannot be the correct relativistic expression for momentum because: Mass is not conserved. It is not conserved in every inertial frame. The velocity v cannot exceed c.
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Unformatted text preview: It is not relativistically invariant. None of the Above Answer, it is not relativistically invariant Answer(s): (Your response(s) are shown.) 6-5 A particle is continuously acted upon by a force. Which of the following quantities increases without limit? Energy Rest mass Velocity Momentum Actually, answer is momentum Answer(s): (Your response(s) are shown.) 6-10 A particle that has energy, must have momentum. True False...
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