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Kevin Barber Adam Pearson 11/14/07 Comp 1 Paper #4 Violence and Television In Susan R . Lamson’s, “TV Violence: Does it Cause Real-Life Mayhem,” Mike Male’s “Stop Blaming Kids and TV,” and Kevin D . Browne’s and Catherine Hamilton- Giachritsis’ “The Influence of Violent Media on Children and Adolescents: A Public- Health Approach .” a common topic is established. This topic is whether or not media violence, particularly television violence is transposed upon its audience . Lamson, Brown, and Hamilton-Giachritsis argue that a major cause of violence is television while Males argues against this . All three of these authors are correct in some way, television does stimulate violence but there are other issues to be considered also . Some important issues in these papers are the other possible causes, such as, the background of a child, the parents, and whether the author’s points could be skewed due to the information he or she provides .
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In Lamson’s argument she states that “Televised mayhem is seen as a leading cause of America’s epidemic of violent crimes .” (277). She uses evidence from several reputable sources . She is a member of the Centers for Disease Control violence research Barber 2 team and after seven years of studying, they ruled out all possible sources of the doubling of violent acts except for television exposure .. Next Lamson addresses the issue of
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Paper#4 - Kevin Barber Adam Pearson Comp 1 Paper#4 Violence...

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