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Portfolio 9 - Portfolio #9 Multicultural literature and...

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Portfolio #9 Multicultural literature and International literature share various similarities and several differences. Multicultural literature refers to trade books, regardless of genre, that have the main character a person who is a member of racial, religious, or language micro- culture other then Euro-American. International literature refers to literary sections that were originally published for the children in a country other then the United States, in a language of that country and later published in the United States. There are several micro-cultures of multicultural literature including: African-American literature, Asian- American literature, Jewish literature, Latino literature, and Native-American literature. International Literature also has three sub-categories including: social conscience, culturally conscience books, and the melting-pot. African-American literature is the largest and most rapidly growing section of children’s literature. Poetry is the most common form of literature written by African- American’s because it is personal and portrays a culture well. Historical and realistic fiction also represents this micro-culture well because it informs readers of the stories of their lives. For older children, a reader may come across harsh accounts of oppression. Two examples of African-American children’s literature are
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Portfolio 9 - Portfolio #9 Multicultural literature and...

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