NUEN-430 Lecture 4

Lets consider the approximate balance equation for

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Unformatted text preview: nce equation for a boundary cell. Let’s consider the approximate balance equation for the first cell. ( ) The problem is that we don’t have an unknown outside the mesh to compute , i.e., we don’t have a . To deal with this difficulty, we must just recognize that whatever we do, the boundary condition must play a role. Let’s assume a vacuum boundary condition. Analytically, we know that () Equivalently, () The only problem here is that we don’t have a equation for , so let’s add one to the first cell. Now, we need an . How about using continuity of the current to define ? The boundary condition gives us And Fick’s law using and gives us ( ) If we equate the two, we can solve for ( ( Now, we can solve for Thus, our equation in the first cell becomes ) ) ( ) By analogy in the last cell, we get ( )...
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