Alzheimer�s disease

Alzheimer�s disease - Peacock 1 Marley Peacock Prof....

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Marley Peacock Prof. William Brown November 9, 2007 Sometimes We Forget Imagine that a disease is slowly taking over the world. With every 72 seconds that passes in the world, another person is diagnosed with it. It is so common that the overall view towards it is that it’s a natural phase people go through as they age. As if it is inevitable. Studies are being rapidly performed to find out more information and process is being made but, the casualties of this disease is just too great. This disease is Alzheimer’s. Today we will go through what Alzheimer’s disease is, how it effects the brain, steps taken to find cures to it, and much more to inform you about the aspects of dangers of this society shattering disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disease. It is not something that is just supposed to happen when you get older in age. A German physician, Alois Alzheimer, discovered it in 1906. Today however, over 5 million Americans share the disease. Alzheimer’s disease, unlike many other diseases, takes a shot directly to the brain. It causes mental dysfunction over all. It destroys brain cells causing problems to the lobes that control memory, thinking, and behavior. There are mild forms but most forms cause grave problems to affect a person’s work, hobbies and or social life. Alzheimer’s disease
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Alzheimer�s disease - Peacock 1 Marley Peacock Prof....

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