3 the camera must be hand held 4 the film must be in

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Unformatted text preview: of Chastity 1. All shooting must be done on location, with all props found on site. 2. Sound must never be produced apart from the images or vice versa (including music). 3. The camera must be hand-held. 4. The film must be in color, with no special lighting. 5. Optical work and filters are forbidden. 6. The film must not contain superficial action such as murders, weapons, etc. 7. The film must take place here and now. 8. Genre movies are not acceptable. 9. The film format must be Academy 35mm. 10. The director must not be credited (there is no auteur). Over 200 films produced. Principles of Film Form: Ask yourself these questions as you watch the film: • Dogma 95? • Function and Motivation: what is the function of each part of the film? – • Similarity and Repetition: Greater significance / motifs – • Camera-work, Lighting, Spaces (levels) Development: progression of the film – • Motifs, Clothing, Spaces Difference and Variation: slight changes / progression – • African-American boyfriend, Cook, Pia Beginning / Ending, Development Unity/Disunity: logical coherence? You have completed Unit 3: Principles of Film Form / International Film Movements: Dogme95 / Analyzing Form You should have done your reading, and now you should answer the questions provided on the website and email them by the specified date....
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