P r e s e n t b a c k w i t h t h e p o l i c e o ff

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Unformatted text preview: e n t / c h a n g e s h i s appearance Epilogue (return to the beginning of the film): 2 9 . P R E S E N T: B a c k w i t h t h e P o l i c e o ff i c e r / a lie 3 0 . C o b b k i l l s t h e B l o n d e w i t h t h e h a m m e r 3 1 . P o l i c e o ff i c e r / B i l l h a s b e e n f r a m e d 3 2 . E n d i n g : C o b b d i s a p p e a r s • • • • • Te x t i n : Black: opening Orange: introduction and ending Red: Bill with long hair Blue: Bill with short hair Green: Bill bruised with short hair Film Form: Do you see a pattern in the Plot Segmentation: • Introduction and Epilogue take place in the same place creating unity and coherence. • A pattern is created with a) Bill with long hair; b) Bill with short hair; c) Bill bruised with short hair. • The pattern is a) b) c) a) b) c) a) b) c) > then the audience realizes that Bill has been manipulated so a) is dropped and we move to b) c) b) c) until we arrive at the present which is c). • A pattern is created which follows the development of the story, from past to present. Three Stories are intertwined: 1. Bill’s story > writing and manipulation 2. The Blonde’s story > using Bill for Cobb’s ends 3. Cobb’s story > using The Blonde and Bill for the Club Owner 5 Principles of Film Form: • Function and Motivation: what is the function of each part of the film? Ex: What is the function of Bill as a writer? It allows us t...
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