The end of a scene is typically marked by a change in

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Unformatted text preview: on or following a particular character. The end of a scene is typically marked by a change in location, style, or time. A Plot Segmentation allows you to look for relationships between the various parts of the film > most importantly you will be able to clearly see the whole film and find PATTERNS, REPETITIONS, and DEVELOPMENT of the film from beginning to the end. Following Plot Segmentation Opening: 1. I. Close up of hands putting on gloves – going through the private box – various items Bill’s life as a shadower / introduction of characters / flashback: 2 . Montage of Bill around town and in his apartment. 3 . Present: Cut to Bill and Police officer – interrogation 4 . Bill is following a woman 5 . Bill is on the ground with gloves in his hands / A man exists the Club – Bill follows him Bill breaks the rule – never follow twice: • LONG HAIR: Bill follows Cobb • Cobb confronts Bill in the café • Cobb and Bill enter the first apartment II: Bill gets involved: 9 . SHORT HAIR: Bill has changed his look and meets the Blonde and her boyfriend 1 0 . Bill’s apartment / broken wood mannequin 11 . BRUISED: Boyfriend enters the Club – Bill calls Cobb for advice 1 2 . LONG HAIR: Bill and Cobb enter a new apartment / wood mannequin is broken 1 3 . SHORT HAIR Bill enters the Blonde’s a p a r t m e n t – H e ’ s l y i n g t o h e r, b u t s o i s she:...
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