What does it reveal about cobb and bills relation

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Unformatted text preview: o believe that he would follow Cobb, perhaps -- also, what is the function of Cobb shaking the beer can in the abandoned apartment? What does it reveal about Cobb and Bill’s relation? • Similarity and Repetition: Greater significance / motifs > many motifs are present in this films: ex: snapshots and photos letting us know where we are located, but also reveal the theme of deception (images only reveal superficial traits is one possible interpretation) • Difference and Variation: slight changes / progression: Bill’s hair becomes crucial in determining time and location, as well as characters’ relations. • Development: progression of the film / beginning and ending: ex: the credit card: first is used, then Bill takes it, then it’s evidence at the end of the film. • Unity/Disunity: logical coherence Dogme95 • Now we are going to look at a film movement called Dogme95 and its first film The Celebration Dogma 95 Danish Film Industry Context: – Early to mid-1990s, decrease in Danish film productions – domestic market share: 8% – Massive import and dominance of US/ Hollywood films – Massive budgets allowing extreme technical capabilities from Hollywood films – Difficulty competing with this market (Hollywood. $80 million), Danish ($1-2 million) per film – Proliferation of digital video • How to “Democratize cinema”? Dogma 95 Thomas Vinterberg and Lars von Trier The Vow...
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