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Italian Final Study Sheet - 1 Italian Final Study Sheet...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Italian Final Study Sheet Chapter 8 Dialogo Vocab Seduto- seated Festeggiare- to celebrate Il compleanno- birthday Intorno- around Il medico- doctor Ambedue- both Tanti anguri!- Best wishes! Compiere gli anni- to have a birthday Cantare- to sing Felice- happy Divertirsi- to enjoy oneself La torta- cake Buon appetito!- Enjoy your meal! Troppo- too much Quanti anni hai? Quanti anni hai (fam)/ ha (pl)- How old are you? Ho diciannove anni- Im 19 years old Compiere gli anni- to turn so many years old Festeggiare il compleanno- to celebrate a birthday Buon compleanno- Happy birthday! Buon giornata- Have a nice day! Buon fortuna- Good luck! Buon appetito- Enjoy your meal! Tanti auguri- Best wishes! Tante belle cose!- All the best! Ti Diverti o ti annoi? Divertirsi- to enjoy oneself Annoiarsi- to become bored Ti diverti?- are you enjoying yourself Si diverti?- Are you enjoying yourself (pol) Mi diverto- Im enjoying myself Non mi diverto- Im not enjoying myself Si/ Ti annoi- Do you get bored? Mi annoio- I get bored Non mi annoio- I dont get bored Troppo Used as an adverb: o La giornata troppo lunga- This day is too long o La lezione troppo difficile- This class is too difficult Used as an adjective (agreeing with the noun it modifies): o Ci sono troppi studenti in classe- There are too many students in class o Ho fatto troppo cosa ieri- I did too many things yesterday Caro povero The adjectives caro (dear) and povero (por) can be put before or after the nouns they modify. But positions alter the meanings Before: o un caro amico- Hes a dear friend 2 o Povero ragazzo!- Poor boy! After: o un libro caro- Its an expensive book o Lui un ragazzo povero- Hes a poor boy Mesteri e professioni L avvocato l avvocato = lawyer Il commesso la commessa = store clerk Il dottore la dottoressa = doctor Limpiegato l impiegata = office worker L ingegnere l ingegnere = engineer L operaio l operaia = factory worker Il professore la professoressa = teacher Lo studente la studentessa = student Fare il medico The formula fare l avvocato/ fare il medico, etc is used to indicate that someone practices a certain profession and has a certain job o Mia madre fa avvocato- My mother is a lawyer o Mia sorella f ail medico- my sister is a doctor If the noun is modified, essere + indefinite article are used o Mio padre un bravo avvocato- My father is a good lawyer o Mia sorella un bravo medico- my sister is a good doctor Grammatica Il presente progressivo The ongoing action is said with the present progressive o Scrivo = sto scrivendo= I am writing The present progressive is made up of 2 parts: o The present indicative of the verb stare o The gerund of the verb Stare Sto staimo Stai state Sta stanno Are ando Ere endo Ire endo Bere bevendo = drinking...
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Italian Final Study Sheet - 1 Italian Final Study Sheet...

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