In 2006 - 1 In 2006 Atlanta once again hosted the Peachtree...

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In 2006, Atlanta once again hosted the Peachtree Road Race, a running event that attracts many world-calibre racers. This year race officials also sanctioned a race conducted in Iraq so that soldiers from the state would not have to miss the annual event. The winners of the Mideast race as well as scenes of the actual race were televised. In terms of a promotional mix, this Iraqi Peachtree Race was as example of: A) Strategic product promotions and resulting sales B) A target marketing strategy C) Advertising and personal selling efforts D) Sales promotion efforts E) A public relations strategy and resulting publicity REASONING: The public relations activities involved in the race in Iraq led to publicity in the form of news media reporting. There were no sales involved so any answer that has sales involved would be incorrect. There is no mention of market segmentation in this question and the last sentence says “in terms of promotional mix” and target marketing is not part of the promotional mix. There is no mention of any form of sales promotion. 2. Just as Grace was in sight of a billboard for the Riverbend Antique Mall, a police car drove by with its lights flashing. Grace was so concerned with watching where the police car went that she totally missed seeing the mall's billboard. In terms of the communication process, the police car acted as: A) Explicit communication B) Static C) Negative feedback D) Media interruptus E) Noise REASONING: Noise is anything that interferes with, distorts, or slows the transmission of information. 3. Ernest has three engineering degrees. He has hired an interior decorator to update his home. He is tremendously frustrated when he asks what he thinks are simple questions about weight-bearing walls and insulation requirements, and the designer is unable to understand. Yet Ernest has the same problems when the designer starts talking about mauve, cerise, and magenta. Why is the communication process not working in this instance? A) Personal selling should not be used to market this type of product. B) The wrong medium has been used. C) Noise is interfering with both encoding and decoding. D) The sender and receiver do not share overlapping frames of reference
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In 2006 - 1 In 2006 Atlanta once again hosted the Peachtree...

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