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Stories Used as Methods of Escape There are several degrees of lying: one harmless, one selfishly intentioned and the last meant to provide comfort. In The White Castle , written by Orhan Pamuk, Hoja and the narrator use a combination of all three, bringing about opposing essences of exploitation and kindness. From the beginning, the narrator lies about his profession in order to save his books and himself, but this lie in turn facilitates his helping others. This one incident triggers a pattern of stories used as methods of escape. When answering to the sultan about the plague, the narrator and Hoja present untrue evidence to both please him and to rebuild their already unsteady relationship. Throughout the novel, the narrator’s focus remains on keeping the sultan content. In order to do this, he fabricates details of Hoja’s life he cannot possibly know to keep the sultan in his favor. His trend of lying continues as he tells extravagant accounts to European ambassadors to build his image. While several of the stories told in the novel are false, their function is to satisfy the egos of the two protagonists while keeping them out of trouble. From the first chapter of the novel, the reader is able to immediately see into who the narrator is. Trying to protect himself and his possessions, the narrator gives off an aura of vanity. This negative perception of the narrator is quickly changed into one of optimism. When the Turkish invade the narrator’s ships, he cleverly avoids brutal imprisonment; “Wanting to avoid being put to the oars, I declared right away that I had knowledge of astronomy and nocturnal navigation, but this made no impression. I then claimed I was a doctor … I was saved from the oar and even managed to salvage a few of
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course hero White_Castle - 1 Stories Used as Methods of...

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