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KINSHIP INTERVIEW AND CHART ASSIGNMENT The assignment is worth15 points. How many you receive will depend on the amount of effort exhibited in the completed project. DUE: NOVEMBER 11, 2007 Conduct an interview with one of your relatives expanding your personal knowledge about your family. Consider collecting information regarding health, immigration, number of children women tend to have in each generation, cause of death, etc. Think of questions you can ask before you conduct your interview. Try to interview one of the older members of your family. Grandparents and great-grandparents are an excellent source of family information. They also appreciate the attention from younger members of the family. Create a kinship chart, a kindred, for your family with yourself as ego. Record as many generations and members of the kin group as possible.
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Unformatted text preview: • Name each individual and under their proper name list the kinship name you use to address them. Example: Norma Smith (Grandmother) • If your heritage is from a culture that uses a different naming system than the Eskimo system commonly used in the United States, use your native kinship terms. • Write a short paper, at least 3 pages, about your project. Include the person you interviewed, what new information you learned, how the interview went, etc. • Create your chart in a way so you can save it. If you put it on a huge poster, it is unlikely that you will keep it very long. It is better to use 8.5/11 inch paper that can be taped together and then folded for storage. • I expect that your chart will be done with care. Neatness and accuracy counts!...
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