Figure 83a formatting the results of education and

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Unformatted text preview: various ways that managers can encourage employees to develop an overall quality consciousness: a. Be well informed themselves of the present quality level of production: the ratio of defects, process capability etc. b. Ensure that all the employees are aware of this quality level: hold periodic meetings and pre-work meetings. Get everyone to see quality as a common issue. c. Make good use of QC circle activities. d. Use every opportunity to promote quality consciousness. State “quality first” on corporate policy documents, and encourage employees to develop posters and slogans that can be put on display. e. Remind employees of these 5S rules in a concrete way whenever a good opportunity arises. They should also try to establish a system where it is impossible for practical products to be sent on to the next process. Figure 8.3b Promotion to raise quality consciousness Audit operations 9. Supervisors and those responsible for quality control should carry out periodic audits of operations, to confirm that operations are being carried out according to operation standards. If they are not, decide whether to revise the standards, re-educate, re-train or re-motivate the operators, and perhaps to review the training program. Figure 8.3c Formatting the results of education and training Figure 8.3d Skills evaluation sheet Name of operator: Date checked: Skill item Person responsible: Checked by: Level attained Score 0 1 2 3 Cannot use Can use equipment when it is adjusted Can set and adjust equipment according to parameter table Can troubleshoot equipment (Note that each skill item should be evaluated by the supervisor on the basis of both observation and the results of the operation i.e. the workmanship of the product.) A Roadmap to Quality 15 Unit 8 - Standardization UNIDO unit 8.qxd 3/10/05 1:24 PM Page 16 Discussion The following questions ask you to think about how the ideas in the text could be applied in your company. Some of the ideas may not be relevant to you. Concentrate on those that are relevant. Keep notes of your conclusions – you will need them to prepare your action plan afterwards. Where appropriate ask yourself the RADAR questions. Note: Always include in your discussion any figures referred to in the text, if you feel these are relevant to your company. Introduction a. Do employees in your company always follow the standards? If not, what do you think the main reasons are that they do not? How could you deal with these reasons? b. Parag. 2. Do you already provide any of these forms of training? If so, how effective are they? Where do they need to be improved? If not, how useful would it be to have them in your company? Educate employees in the value and use of standards c. Parag. 3: How relevant are these educational objectives to your company? How would you go about achieving them? Provide technical training d. Parags. 4 and 5: How capable are your employees of carrying out the operations that are, or will be, described in the operation standards? Apply the RADAR questions to these guidelines for organising technical training. e. Parag. 6. Think of concrete examples of benefits that you would like training to bring to your company in: i. Ways that equipment could be used better. ii. Areas where you would especially like to see quality improved. iii. New productivity levels that you would like to reach. iv. Improvements in safety that would avoid most injuries. Provide training in quality consciousness f. Parag. 7a: Discuss ways in which defective products in your company can i. Decrease work efficiency ii. Increase costs. iii. Break delivery promises. iv. Destroy customer confidence. g. Parag. 7b. Consider the concept of “the person in the next process is my customer”. Think of instances when work was slowed up in one or two processes because of what had gone wrong in the previous process. h. Parag. 7c: Look at the definitions of the 5S. Apply the RADAR questions to introducing these in your company. i. Parag. 8: Look at the five ways that managers can encourage employees to develop an overall quality consciousness. Discuss the following: Unit 8 - Standardization 16 A Roadmap to Quality UNIDO unit 8.qxd 3/10/05 1:24 PM i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. Page 17 What is the present production status in your area? Would it be difficult for you to keep up-to-date with it? How could you get everyone to think about the production status? How would periodic and pre-work meetings help? Would they be difficult to organise? If so, in what other ways could you get people to think about the present work situation? Do you already have QC circles. If not see Unit 7 for more information about them. How do you think your employees would respond to a request for ideas for posters and slogans to promote quality consciousness? Would it be good if they did so? How could you encourage them to come up with ideas? In what other ways could you get them to think more actively about quality? What kind of system could be...
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