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Unformatted text preview: statement of your basic quality policy. b. Hold meetings with question and answer sessions to explain this policy to your own employees and to those of your partner companies, and make sure that everyone understands it. Pay special attention to employees in sales and services, since they are the front-line people who present the image of the company. c. Give all employees cards with the basic points of the quality policy, which they can carry around for easy reference. d. Promote QC Circles and other study meetings to teach concrete methods for deploying the policy. e. Communicate the quality policy clearly to customers in order to gain their long-term confidence. f. Seek to create the kind of workplace where everyone is motivated to put the quality policy into practice. Figure 2.1a Drafting a long-term management policy and an annual policy (See Unit 1 for more detailed guidelines on developing and deploying policies.) Raise quality consciousness among employees 4. To raise quality consciousness among your employees, there are a number of further actions that you can initiate: a. Have your quality policy expressed in slogans that employees will easily understand, and put these up in locations where everyone can see them. Unit 2 - Chief Executive Officer: Ensuring Quality 6 A Roadmap to Quality 05-87581_unit 2.qxd 09/09/2005 11:33 Page 7 b. Encourage employees to think up mottos for quality improvement, and present prizes for the best at a meeting of all the employees. Subcontractors and cooperating factories may also create mottos. c. Host frequent meetings in each factory and worksite to announce achievements in quality improvement. d. Participate in these meetings, and thank the employees personally. Always listen to what everyone has to say, and stay till the end of the meeting. e. Combine the improvement proposal system with other quality improvement activities in the workplace. This means that the effects of quality improvement can be evaluated in monetary terms. f. Encourage employees to participate in national events as a way of increasing both their quality consciousness and their confidence in their quality activities. g. Consider awarding more prize money to QC groups than to individuals for those proposals which lead to improved quality. Involve employees in making improvements: encourage QC circles and suggestion schemes 5. QC circles are an effective way not only for employees to raise their quality consciousness, but also to put it into practice. QC circles are small groups of front-line employees who meet regularly to try to improve the quality of their work. In general their approach is problem-based. They identify problems in their workplace, usually related to product quality and referred to as “themes”, and together they set about finding a solution. They use quality control concepts and techniques, and try to be creative in seeking solutions. They can be a very good source of quality improvements, and should be actively encouraged. a. Establish a promotional secretariat to recognize and encourage QC circle activities. b. Participate in company-wide quality control meetings, QC Circle conferences, case study presentations, and QC presentations outside the company; listen to the employee presentations, ask questions, make comments and provide encouragement. c. Always stay to the end of any conferences you attend. d. Keep up to date with QC activities and have their achievements displayed, preferably numerically so that the extent of improvement can be clearly recognized. e. Contribute articles to in-house journals on quality control, speak positively about quality control in interviews, and comment or give awards at quality control conferences. 6. In addition to the specific problems that QC circles seek to solve, the circles can also be a source of more wide-ranging suggestions for improvement. To facilitate this, set up a suggestion scheme in which employees can put forward proposals for improvement in the areas of workplace safety, and quality and productivity improvement. Adopt whatever good suggestions are put forward. To introduce a suggestion scheme: a. Treat the suggestion scheme as an official company system. b. Establish a company-wide secretariat to promote the suggestion scheme. c. Assess suggestions at least once a month, award prizes, and implement good suggestions. A Roadmap to Quality 7 Unit 2 - Chief Executive Officer: Ensuring Quality 05-87581_unit 2.qxd 09/09/2005 11:33 Page 8 Figure 2.1b Example of a suggestion sheet (See Text 4.6 and Unit 10 for more detailed guidelines on QC circles and Text 4.5 for suggestion schemes.) Discussion The following questions ask you to think about how the ideas in the text could be applied in your company. Some of the ideas may not be relevant to you. Concentrate on those that are relevant. Keep notes of your conclusions – you will need them to prepare your Action Plan afterwards. Where appropriate ask yourself the RADAR questions. Note: Always inc...
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