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Unformatted text preview: ut as effectively as possible. d. They are suited to achieving their objectives. 2.7 Carry out a periodic internal quality control diagnosis To have a good understanding of the status of your company-wide quality control system, you need to carry out a periodic internal quality control diagnosis of each department. Form a top-management team to visit each department and check: a. Whether the department understands the basic concepts of quality control. b. Whether it has implemented them in its daily tasks. c. What has been achieved. 2.8 Prepare quality control manuals Quality control manuals are the basic documents that your company will use to implement company-wide quality control. They contain the quality control rules, inspection rules, technical standards, product standards, operation standards, and other rules and standards for the assurance, maintenance and management of quality. 2.9 Establish quality control in non-manufacturing departments Quality control is not just for manufacturing departments. If you are to have real companywide quality control it must also be introduced in non-manufacturing departments, e.g. sales, administration, and research and development. 2.10 Cooperate with universities and research organizations Your company may decide that it wants to develop new products or materials, but may lack the basic technology, testing and measurement facilities, and engineering employees, that are needed to do so, especially by a given target date. However, you still have one option: to cooperate with outside research organizations and universities in joint research and development. 2.11 Strengthen your international competitiveness With increasing trade liberalisation, the countries of the world, both industrialised and developing, are producing similar products and services. In this international market it is essential that you be competitive in quality, cost and delivery time. Unit 2 - Chief Executive Officer: Ensuring Quality 4 A Roadmap to Quality 05-87581_unit 2.qxd 09/09/2005 11:33 Page 5 Learning tools The RADAR questions As you read each text you will discuss how it could be applied in your company. The RADAR questions will help you to focus this discussion: R - Are these ideas relevant to my company? A - How would I apply each of them in my company? D - What difficulties might I meet and how would I overcome them? A - Are there any additional actions that I might take that are not mentioned in the text? R - What resources would be needed, what would these cost, and how could they be acquired? There will of course be some discussion points where not all of these questions will be applicable. The 6-Point Structure After you have discussed the ideas in the text, you write an Action Plan in which you present practical proposals for implementing the conclusions you have reached in your discussion. The 6-Point Structure will help you to write your Action Plan: 1. Problems: Problems you have in your company in the area you have just discussed. 2. Proposals: Your proposals for improvement. a. Be specific and concrete. b. Include an implementation plan, with a time schedule and minimum and optimal implementation targets. c. Refer to any forms, charts, tables etc. that you would use, and include samples in an appendix. 3. Obstacles: Obstacles to implementation in employee attitudes, company organization and culture etc., and how these could be overcome. 4. Resources: a. The resources required: funds, equipment, materials, man-hours, expertise etc. b. The resources available within the company. c. Any resources that would have to be found outside the company. d. Alternatives that could be used to cover any shortfall in resources. 5. Assessment: Ways of assessing the results of implementing these proposals. 6. Benefits: The benefits your proposals would bring. A Roadmap to Quality 5 Unit 2 - Chief Executive Officer: Ensuring Quality 05-87581_unit 2.qxd 09/09/2005 11:33 Page 6 2.1 Promote your quality policy Introduction 1. The success of your company depends on delivering products and services of the highest level of quality. As CEO one of your primary functions is to establish a quality policy, to involve your employees in realizing this, and to make sure that your suppliers and customers are aware of it. To do so: a. Present your annual quality policy to your employees, your suppliers and your customers. b. Seek to raise quality consciousness among your employees. c. Involve your employees in making quality improvements: encourage QC circles and suggestion schemes. Present your quality policy 2. Your long-term management policy must include your quality policy, in which your company clearly sets out its approach to quality. Deploy your quality policy throughout your company, to suppliers of parts and materials, and to customers and other stakeholders. Have each department establish and implement its own quality policy on the basis of this policy. 3. To present your quality policy: a. Prepare a clear...
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