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Botany - The nutritional values of plants lab

Botany - The nutritional values of plants lab - came across...

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Blane Smith Botany 104 December 6, 2007 The Nutritional Value of Plants P In our latest lab session we were introduced to many new lab tools. We were taught how to test for Glucose, Starch, Protein, and Fats in many different types of fruits and vegetables. We were instructed to grind up many different food samples and then mix them with the proper reagents to determine what kinds of biochemicals are in each food. U There was plenty of room for error in this lab such as mixing the wrong kind of reagents with others and not being able to determine colors. However, we came only
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Unformatted text preview: came across one that was very stupid if you ask me. One of my lab partners forgot put his test tube in the boiling water bath with the Benedict’s reagent and was expecting the color to change on it own. He reread the directions and found the mistake very easily. N Two new things that I have learned from this lab include how to test foods for different biochemicals and what foods are good for glucose, proteins, starch, and fats....
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