Botany - The nutritional values of plants lab conlcusion questions

Botany - The nutritional values of plants lab conlcusion questions

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Blane Smith Botany 104 December 6, 2007 Conclusion Questions 1. See PUN and datasheet. 2. Based on what I have learned this semester in Botany all of the data from this lab seems to make sense. I now understand what part of the plant that each fruit and vegetable represent and why we eat those parts. I’ve learned the nutritional value of them and many of the secondary and commercial uses for plants.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The only surprise was that fresh corn and feed corn do not have the same amount of protein. I suppose it makes sense because they are two different plants but I thought feed corn would have about the same amount of protein as fresh corn. However, they had the same amount of glucose but the feed corn still tasted more bitter....
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