Botany - Lab report 4 - Conclusion Questions

Botany - Lab report 4 - Conclusion Questions - nutrient...

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Blane Smith October 3, 2007 Biology 104 Population Growth in Duckweed – Conclusion Questions 1. Refer to data chart labeled: Population Growth in Duckweed 2. The duckweed cultures grew at a very different rate from ach other. In culture 1, 2 duckweeds reproduced to a total of 7 in the final week. This is because 2 duckweeds can only reproduce so fast. The population growth in culture 2 was much great because there were more original plants that we started with. Ex: The plants in both cultures reproduce at the same rate but when there are 15 plants versus 2, the population will grow faster. 3. I believe that we reached full carrying capacity in culture 2 which contained 55 duckweeds at the end of the experiment. I believe this because we had a drop in the count of duckweeds from the previous week. However in culture 1, I believe that the duckweeds could have eventually matched the number of duckweeds in culture 2. The duckweeds did not have enough room and the
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Unformatted text preview: nutrient levels were most likely insufficient for the number of living duckweeds. 4. If we observed the culture for an additional two weeks we would probably find that the duckweeds in culture 2 had reach the carrying capacity and may have even started to die. Culture 1 with a total of 7 duckweeds would probably double in number if the nutrients were sufficient. 5. Another factor that we could test for the duckweed population could be the size of the cultures that we used. We could see if a larger culture would allow the duckweeds to keep growing. Using this method, we could formulate a chart to show the carrying capacity compared to a certain amount of water. Ex: The carrying capacity for 200 ml of pond water is 58. Then we could try to manipulate the growth rate by adding nutrients and changing the abiotic factors....
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Botany - Lab report 4 - Conclusion Questions - nutrient...

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