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Botany - Photosynthesis lab - photosynthesis rate of an...

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Blane Smith Botany 104 October 31, 2007 Botany Lab -Photosynthesis P: The purpose of our last lab was to measure the rate of photosynthesis in spinach leaves. We first made 20 hole punches of leaves, then they were placed in a vacuum flask in a infiltration solution where the punches were degassed. We then set up a light 7 centimeters away from the punches inside a test tube. The test tube had a bicarbonate solution where the leaves were located. That was then placed in a 600ml beaker of water used to control the temperature. We had ice and hot water on hand to control the temperature at an even 20ºC. We then timed how long it took for each leaf segment to reach the surface. The average rate of photosynthesis was 6.1 minutes. The overall study showed that the leaf segments with the warmest temperature of 30ºC had the fastest
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Unformatted text preview: photosynthesis rate of an average of 3.3 minutes. U: The errors that we had were in the degassing process. Either flask was not sealed or the professor did not have enough of the infiltration solution in the flask with the leaves. It was a simple fix and we were on our way to measuring the rate of photosynthesis. N: One of the new things that I have learned from this lab is that temperature effects photosynthesis directly. If it is too cold outside or too cloudy for the sun to penetrate abundantly then the rate of photosynthesis is dramatically lowered. I’ve also learned that photosynthesis is one of the most important abilities of a plant because it is how a plant feeds itself. Without photosynthesis, plants, animals, and humans would not be able to survive....
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