Botany - Quadrat Investigation - Lab Report 2

Botany - Quadrat Investigation - Lab Report 2 - were...

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Blane Smith Biology 104 September 24, 2007 Botany: Quadrat Investigation P In our last lab, we were instructed to perform a quadrat investigation. This process included measuring and roping off designated areas and conducting various experiments. We took samples to test the soil, air, and other organisms such as trees and plants for their DBH. We then took all of our samples and recorded information back to the lab where we began to run test. We ran soil test to determine the amount Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, PH, and even the amount of organic matter. Another part of our lab included taking bacteria samples from the air and soil. The bacteria count on the forest floor was 151 and only 35 in the air. Clearly the was much more bacteria on the forest floor than in and elevated test area. After taking bacteria samples in the quadrat, we
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Unformatted text preview: were instructed to record the Species ID, DBH, as well as the species richness and abundance. U One of the first errors that I had come across was when we began testing for the water content in the soil. When I put the dried soil on the scale, it was reading much heavier that its original weight. I knew that this was not possible and began to check for errors. Sure enough, the soil samples in the groups had been switched and they did not originally weigh the same. Once we weight the correct sample, we notice that the soil was 0.6 grams lighter. Another possible error was when we measured for Potassium in the soil. The color of the water did not match that of any on the test kit. We were later informed that from the waters color, the Potassium level was much higher than the kit could interpret....
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Botany - Quadrat Investigation - Lab Report 2 - were...

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