Improve strain performance and activity strain

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Unformatted text preview: nd activity function • No specific guidelines currently No Contd… Contd… • Determine the role of probiotics as part of Determine a whole food compared to isolated component component • Improve reliability and ease of taxonomic Improve classification of probiotic bacteria. Improve strain performance and activity strain • Efforts should be made to conduct clinical Efforts trials in Indian population for comprehensive evaluation of the efficacy of the Indian probiotic cultures of Why not in Pakistan Why not in Pakistan Danone India introduced probiotic drink in Mumbai (08 Sep 2009) • Groupe Danone of France (Danone India Pvt. Groupe Ltd) has signed a joint venture with Yakult Honsha, Japan, to launch Yakult drink in Yakult Mumbai, a global probiotic health drink. • In India, Yakult is priced at In Rs 50 for a pack of 5 bottles. for Eat Probiotics foods, live healthy life Eat Probiotics foods, live healthy life So….. Eat the “good bugs” every day………. Invite them in……….. You will find they make very friendly houseguests. houseguests....
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