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Properties lactic acid producing bacterialactobacilli

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Unformatted text preview: of microorganisms have very been considered to have probiotic properties. properties. • Lactic acid producing bacteriaLactobacilli and bifidobacterium Lactobacilli • Yeast(Saccharomyces) and others. Status of probiotic cultures at Global level Status of probiotic cultures at Global level • • • • • • • L. rhamnosus GG (Valio) L. caseiShirota (Yakult) L. plantarum 299v (Probi AB) L. L. johnsonii La7 (Nestle) L. L. reuteri (BioGaia) L. L. acidophilus NCFM (Nestle) L. L. casei strain DN-114001 (Danisco) (Danisco) • B. animalis DN 173010 (Danisco) B. Beneficial effects of probiotics Beneficial effects of probiotics • • • • • • • • • Aid in lactose digestion Resistance to enteric pathogens Anti-colon cancer effect Immune system modulation Allergy Blood lipids, heart disease Antihypertensive effect Urogenital infections Gut colonization Effect of Probiotics on tight junctions Effect of Probiotics on tight junctions • Tight junctions are highly regulated Tight macromolecular structures th...
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