Botany - Transpiration Lab - tubing so we just started over...

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Blane Smith October 24, 2007 Botany 104 Transpiration P Transpiration is the process that includes water movement through a plant. The water enters through the roots, travels trough the stems, and out through the leaves. In this lab, we were instructed to attach a plants stem securely to plastic tubing that was filled with water. The other end of the tubing was attached to a Vernier Gas Pressure Sensor. We had to make sure that there weren’t any air bubbles in the tube or our readings would have been off. We than ran a program that measures gas pressure called Vernier Logger Pro. The surface area of our plant was 246 cm². The 1 st trial at room temperature gave us a slope of .38 at 24ºC. However, the 2 nd trial which had a very high humidity and a temperature of 28ºC, gave us a slope .36. During this lab, we also had to look at a slide of Ligustrum and identify all of the parts of the leaf. U The only errors that we had were pretty simple to fix. We had an air bubble in our
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Unformatted text preview: tubing so we just started over at the 1 st step and successfully proceeded. The 2 nd error was that our initial calculations were drastically off. We tried another formula and that seemed to get the correct numbers. N I definitely learned a few new things about transpiration from this lab. In an earlier class, we discussed the water cycle and I didn’t exactly understand what transpiration was. I now have a full understanding of the concept. It is very interesting how the atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind, sunlight, and temperature all play a role on the rate of transpiration. I learned that wind increases the rate of transpiration and that sun does as well. However, if the sun is too hot the stoma’s on the plant close to prevent dehydration. It’s amazing how plants are able to regulate all of these external variables....
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Botany - Transpiration Lab - tubing so we just started over...

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