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Blane Smith November 19, 2007 Philosophy 101 Photojournalism Photojournalism is extremely revealing and perhaps too brutally honest at times . However, the display of controversial photographs sometimes have the ability to persuade, inform, and show things for what they are. For example, the horrific catastrophe that Hurricane Katrina caused showed many people what was actually going on in New Orleans, and how the victims were dying everyday . There were many photographs that disgusted people and many of those photographs prompted Americans to raise over 100 million dollars to help rebuild New Orleans and help the victims find food and shelter . While lurid photos that detail the personal suffering of those involved in national tragedies do intrude on grief, do violate privacy, and do have the propensity to generate misinformation (because of visual rhetoric), they nevertheless ought to be taken and showed because such photos are necessary to motivate the public to act and to generate social change. Many people do not like the idea of photojournalism for numerous reasons . Photojournalism can be misinterpreted, misleading, and invades privacy at times . There have even been various incidents of “photographers” who guarantee changes in parts of the world to the people they are shooting . However, they spread false hope and mislead people during times of crisis
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Ethics Paper - Blane Smith Philosophy 101 Photojournalism...

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