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Question 5 - Foot Oversight - over the years with being...

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Blane Smith Sociology 101 October 4, 2007 Sociology – Take Home Test 1 Question 5: The foot oversight is a concept regarding the fact that many people overlook a certain action because their culture does not address it at all. This is what is referred to as being “culturally bound,” or thinking only what everyone thinks. The culture we currently live in is still changing from the protected environment that it used to be. Sex, in earlier times, was hardly discussed and wouldn’t dare be shown in paintings, movies or books. Over the years, society has sexually evolved to the point where one can speak openly of their sexual conquests or desires. We have movies and magazines specifically for the display of sex and many Americans purchase these items everyday. However sexually advanced our culture may be, most people overlook one very important body part that could boost their personal sex life; the feet. The feet have gotten a bad reputation
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Unformatted text preview: over the years with being dirty and smelly, but using the feet during sexual intimacy increases pleasure and protects against sexually transmitted diseases. The natural curve of the foot coincides with the curve of the hand, which is widely used in sexual acts. So, if there are so many advantages of using the foot for sexual pleasure, then why does the majority of our population overlook it? Our society has not addressed this concept as a sexual norm. People just haven’t thought about using their feet during foreplay or sexual acts. This concept is called the foot oversight. This is because people are “culturally bound.” People only see what other people are doing and this stops them from thinking and acting on their own desires. Once someone does think outside the norm, more people will take notice and start thinking differently....
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Question 5 - Foot Oversight - over the years with being...

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