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Question 8 - schools - go to the administrators and...

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Blane Smith Sociology 101 October 4, 2007 Sociology – Take Home Test 1 Question 8: The American culture’s attitude toward education has drastically changed over the years. Once regarded as an honor to have a high school diploma is now just a minor part of a person’s complete education. Parents should help their children with homework without doing it for them. Parents do not push their children to do better and they expect them to get good grades all by themselves. This is almost impossible because children do not know what is good for them. They are not mature enough to make their own decisions. Students no longer care about schoolwork or good grades. All they care about is getting out of school to hang out with friends. Students do not work hard in classes nor push themselves to their full potential because they know that their mother or father will
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Unformatted text preview: go to the administrators and complain until the grade is raised. Students go to sleep in class, don’t do homework, and dismiss projects as if they do not even matter. Many students expect their diploma to be handed to them with putting forth the effort for it. Students have to step up and take on the responsibility that schools give out. A high school diploma in today’s society is only the beginning. Without a college degree, it’s very hard to get a job and I believe that students are beginning to realize this. If a student cannot even earn a high school diploma with all of the different types of learning devices, aids, and testing centers, then I believe that our generation is doomed!...
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