sociology - intergenrational romance - older man to have...

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Blane Smith Sociology 101 November 15, 2007 Sociology – Take Home Test 2 6. In today’s society, there are many romantic relationships that people do not see as “being normal.” However, older women are tending to date much younger men for many reasons. In the Article “Giving it a Whirl,” it talks about many different romantic intergenerational relationships and how they are becoming more successful. In the beginning of the article, Ms. Swain who it 53, tells how passionate and meaningful her relationship is with a man that is 31 years younger than her. The women in this article are very content because they have a “young buck” to keep them satisfied sexually and the men are satisfied because they have a woman with lots of money and their priorities are straight. To some people this is gross because they think it is some kind of weird mother- son relationship that includes sex. This concept of women dating much younger men is not very accepted among people in our society. On the other hand, it is “ok” for a much
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Unformatted text preview: older man to have gone through 2 or 3 wives that could be their granddaughters playmates. It comes down to being a double standard which is not acceptable. So why would these young women want a much older man? I believe it is for some of the same reasons in both scenarios. Many of the young men in the article say that there are qualities in their older women which they could not find in someone their own age. They are intelligent, mature, patient, and very comfortable with their bodies which many young women are not. Many of the men in the article found that women their own age are out for themselves and would drop you like a bad habit if something better comes along. Older women on the other hand are looking for true love, excitement, and someone that makes them feel young again. It does not bother me that these couples choose to date people much older or younger then themselves. If it makes them truly happy then they should do it!...
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sociology - intergenrational romance - older man to have...

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