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Blane Smith Sociology 101 December 4, 2007 Exam Four A 2. The article “same sex marriage and fatherhood,” by Kathleen Parker, draws specific and concrete opinions on the idea of two parents of the same sex raising a child together. Parker begins with introducing the readers to the same-sex marriage debate and putting out how she feels American culture has the idea that “one parent is disposable.” She goes on to explain how fathers lose their children in custody battles and hardly see them since their ex-wives have been awarded full custody. “The fact remains that millions of fathers have been sidelined and made occasional weekend-holiday visitors in their children’s lives,” says Parker. Children have been denied the essential stabilizing influence of fathers, which has increased the amount of childhood psychological pathologies. When children don’t have fathers they lose the stern, discipline force that was once a constant in their lives. According to Parker, children without a strong paternal
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Sociology Final Exam Take Home Part 1 - Blane Smith...

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