April 2 - LBJ: Guns and Butter, 64-,68 *TONKIN GULF,...

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LBJ: Guns and Butter, ’64-‘68 **TONKIN GULF, VIETNAM warfare state 1.French Era to 1954: Indochina; Geneva North: Ho Chi Minh; Hanoi South: Siagon, Ngo Dinh Diem 2.JFK Era: counterinsurgency; secret raids; Diem’s coup (10/63) Quick Steps of Vietnamese History: -French colony -Starting in 1920’s, the Vietnamese began to rebel under Ho Chi Minh -WW2: The Japanese come in and drive out the French -Ho Chi Minh is the ‘George Washington’ of his country; a freedom fighter -Japanese are defeated in WW2 and, the US, to win support in Europe from France, helps to try and get French their power back -French, rebellion starts, Japan takes over, after WW2 French come back, rebellion is still going on. -U.S. associated any rebellion with communistic Soviets -Ho Chi Minh and ‘Viet-minh’, the rebel group in Vietnam -U.S. is paying the bill in the early 50’s for the French to suppress this independence movement of Ho Chi Minh. -war is lost against them -modern American phase of involvement begins HERE -Geneva Accords in 1954: French pledge to pull themselves out of Vietnam totally by 1956 -Vietnam is to be divided North and South -North capital at Hanoi, with the leader Ho Chi Minh -leftist, communist association -South capital at Saigon, with the leader Ngo Dinh Diem -associates its government with the United States; supported by U.S. -Under these accords, there is supposed to be an election in 56, and there will be an election to reunify the country -Election doesn’t get held -Eisenhower and his administration decided Ho Chi Minh would win, didn’t want another communist country; Middle of Cold War, so you can’t let, in the American’s eyes, a win for the communists -By end of 1950’s, clear there will be no reunification -Ho Chi Minh restart the revolution—really a civil war -In the South, most of the bills are paid by the U.S. -Want to create an Independent, South Vietnam that is pro-capitalist, pro-U.S.
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April 2 - LBJ: Guns and Butter, 64-,68 *TONKIN GULF,...

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