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Thomas Ng CSE 413 11/21/2007 Assignment 6 Part 1 1. a. i. Can be generated: aaaaaa; axyaxyxyxyxya Cannot be generated: xay; axaayxy ii. Any combination of either “a” or “xy”, in any order, as many times as you want, or zero times b. i. Can be generated: bozo; bozozozozo Cannot be generated: bo; booz ii. A leading “b”, followed by one or more “oz”, ending with an “o” c. i. Can be generated: 111010101;
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Unformatted text preview: 011101 Cannot be generated: 1000000; 01001 ii. Any number of “1”, of which any iteration may be preceded by a “0”2. 2. a. (b*)(a+)(b*)(a+)(b*)(a+)((a*)(b*))* b. ((bb)*(a*))* c. ([a-z]*)a([a-z]*)e([a-z]*)i([a-z]*)o([a-z]*)u([a-z]*) (extra spaces/parens for readability purposes) 3. Ocatal: 0[0-7]* Decimal: [0-9]* Hex: 0[xX][a-fA-F0-9]* Unsigned: [0-9]*[uU] Long: [0-9]*[lL]...
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