Thus 1 kg of seasoned firewoodhasaheatcontentof1554mj

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Unformatted text preview: es 0.8 kg × 20 MJ/kg = 16 MJ of heat, out of which 0.2 kg × 2.3 MJ/kg = 0.46 MJ is lost in evaporating water. Thus, 1 kg of seasoned firewood has a heat content of 15.54 MJ. These same masses of wood have different volumes. If 1 kg of freshly cut firewood occupies a certain volume, the same volume of seasoned firewood will weight only 0.375 kg (since water evaporated to bring the content down to 20%). Thus, that volume will not have 15.54 MJ of energy, but just 0.375 × 15.54 = 5.83 MJ. Seasoned wood provides about 33% more heat per unit of volume than freshly cut wood....
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