Geoenergyorg the largest biomass plant in texas and

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Unformatted text preview: D, AK, OR, WY, and NM (www.geo‐ The largest biomass plant in Texas (and currently the only one) is Snider Industries, located in Harrison County, with a capacity of 5 MW. It went online in 1983. A larger plant is under construction in Nacogdoches and is planned to open in 2012. 2. Consult the US EIA website and find the total capacity of all wind‐operated power plants in the US. Answer Total capacity of all 480+ wind‐powered electric generation units in the US is about 25 GW (2008 data). 3. Typical freshly cut firewood contains approx. 70% water by weight. After drying (seasoning), this value drops to 20%. Firewood is usually sold by volume. Compare the energy content of...
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